We started Brownstone Boys in 2018 because we have a passion for old homes and everything that comes along with them: the details, the quirks, the character, and the especially the parts that need lots of love. We have a ton of respect for all of those gorgeous original details and love restoring them but we are not afraid to add some modern touches. The intersection of historical charm and modern details is where we love to be. We create timeless interiors and expertly manage large townhouse renovations projects all across Brooklyn and beyond.

We love renovating! But it can be stressful at times. Budget, timing, and a lot of unknowns can bring frustration to the process. Many people don’t know where to start or just aren’t sure how to move their project forward. A project manager can remove that frustration and make the entire process much smoother. Creating your dream space should be fun. We’re real estate agents too, so if you haven’t found your fixer upper yet, we can also help you find the right place and understand what the renovation budget needs to be.

We work with trusted architects, general contractors, and restoration specialists to bring the vision to life.  We can assemble the team, manage the process for you, and help make sure your project is on time and on budget.

Our Services

Full-Service Design & Renovation Project Management

With our most comprehensive service we will manage every aspect of your renovation project. We have formulated a process to assist with conceptualization all the way through to completion. We understand projects of this nature can be daunting and overwhelming, and it is our goal to use our expertise and experience to navigate you through the process. We collaborate with homeowners, architects, and contractors to seamlessly develop your design and execute your vision.

Consultative Design & Renovation Project Management

With our consultative service you manage your project and choose your materials with help and support from us. We’ll refer professionals as needed, provide set packages of fixtures and finishes, help you keep your project on budget, meet with you and your construction team, and provide on-going support as needed.

Real Estate Services

If you ready to start a home search to find the perfect townhouse, brownstone, condo, or co-op to renovate (or even a move in ready home) we can help. We are real estate agents and on a fantastic team at Compass. Also, if you’re viewing properties with a large or small renovation in mind we can help you understand the renovation costs and possibilities, as well as negotiate the best price for the home.