3 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Home

One of our big resolutions for 2024 was to get our brownstone organized and to keep it that way.

As you may know, we live and work out of our 1890s brownstone, so our home is constantly in use. 

We’ve lived here for over five years, and despite our best efforts, clutter and mess have slowly taken over, especially in our overflowing cabinets. Anyone else have a corner full of ‘might-need-someday’ items? 

Enter Melissa, a home organization professional and the owner of the small business With Arla, who transformed not just our space, but also our whole approach to home organization.

Melissa’s Decluttering Strategy

Melissa began by assessing our home from top to bottom. 

Her super sharp eye and professional insight helped identify the key problem areas, like our junk drawer and our pantry. Her approach wasn’t just about discarding things–it was about reimagining how our space could work for us.


One of Melissa’s first recommendations was categorizing all our stuff. 

By grouping similar items together, like spices, it was easier to assess what we had, what we needed, and what we could let go of. 

This approach made decision-making way less overwhelming. We learned that organization isn’t just about finding storage solutions–it’s about understanding and managing what you own.

Re-home and Regift

We have a hard time letting things go, but as Melissa pointed out, it’s easier to organize fewer things! If you’re like us, you have a lot of items that are hard to part with. 

Melissa helped us reframe this experience by sorting stuff into four piles: 

  • Keep 
  • Toss
  • Donate
  • Rehome 

The rehome category was a game changer for us–giving gently used items to friends who would enjoy them! 

Reviews and Resets

Finally, Melissa emphasized the importance of regular reviews of our space. 

Organizing isn’t a one-time event–it’s an ongoing process. Setting aside time monthly or seasonally to reassess our space keeps clutter at bay and ensures our home evolves with our changing needs and lifestyles.

A Transformed Space and Mindset

Working with Melissa didn’t just declutter our home–it decluttered our brains. We didn’t realize just how much space our clutter was taking up mentally!

Now, our more organized space has made our lives feel so much more calm. 

Whether it’s tackling one drawer at a time or hiring a professional like Melissa, taking time to organize is so worth it. To help you get started, we created a Brownstone Boys Organization Checklist

This comprehensive plan will help you tackle any space in your home that needs a refresh. Download your copy for free! And watch our YouTube video with Melissa here.