We’re Jordan & Barry, AKA The Brownstone Boys.

We’re designers, DIY-ers, renovators, and restorers. We have a passion for old homes and everything that comes along with them: the details, the quirks, the character, and the especially the parts that need lots of love. We have a ton of respect for all of those gorgeous original details and love restoring them but we are not afraid to add some modern touches.

We bought our 130 year old historic Brooklyn brownstone in 2018 and we’ve been slowly restoring it ever since. We started our blog and Instagram account at the day we closed on the house. When we started our journey we found it hard to find the right information, but some of the best real estate, renovation, and design advice that we did find was on other helpful and creative blogs. So we decided to share our experiences as well. We are so fortunate and thankful that other people found it helpful…and maybe a little entertaining! We enjoyed sharing our journey and answering the thousands of questions we received. Eventually, we started helping people more and more with design advice, contractor & architect recommendations, and generally holding the hands of others who were trying to navigate renovating a historic home in New York and even around the world.

Some people that reached out really seemed like they needed more help than just a recommendation or suggestion, so we thought long and hard about it and nervously asked someone one day, “Would you like us to help you do it?” And like that, we had our first client. That quickly lead to a second, then a third, and now we are full time Brownstone Boys designing and renovating our way across Brooklyn and NYC. We have found our true passion and pinch ourselves everyday that it’s also now our careers.

We met in 2017 online and chatted non-stop for 2 weeks before we met for our first date at one of our mutual favorite bars in Brooklyn. We haven’t gone a day without speaking or seeing each other since (except one brief freak out by Barry, but that’s a story for another day!) Jordan is originally from Las Vegas and Barry is originally from New Orleans. Coincidently both some of the only places you can walk down the street with a cocktail in your hand! We have both called Brooklyn home for 15 years. We love the beautiful architecture, the interesting people, and the sense of community. It’s a great place to live.

We are life partners and business partners and although that is challenging at times, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our lives together have been a journey since the moment we first met. We bought our house after being together for only 6 months and then spent a year renovating it. Before the renovation was finished we quit our corporate jobs to start a business together. We have been so fortunate to learn and grow so much together. We’ve been featured in many publications, websites, and on TV. When we find a minute to relax we love traveling, spending time with friends, and hanging out on our Brooklyn stoop! Hear more about our story and business on the video above.

We’ve met so many amazing people, partners, and friends along the way. We love hearing from people, so feel free to reach out. Join our community of renovators, restorers, designers, builders, DIY-ers, and more! Subscribe below for updates and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!