Our Biggest Project Yet: For the Love of Renovating

“Would you guys be interested in writing a book based on your experience renovating?”

Two years ago, we got an email from Alison Fargis, an incredible literary agent at Stonesong, to gauge our interest in writing a book. It was out of the blue and we were shocked.

Us?! Writing a book?!

It feels like only yesterday we were learning about renovation, restoration, and DIY, searching on Google “how to strip a marble mantel” and “can you use any kind of paint in a bathroom?”. Our own home renovation had plenty of ups and downs–we went over our initial budget, we sometimes ordered the wrong materials, and we changed our minds about details plenty of times.

However, it’s that very journey that made us confident that we could help other newbies through the renovation process. We can relate because we lived it! We went from casual DIYers to expert renovators and designers all by pure experience with our own projects and now with dozens of clients.

As we started to think about what our book would be, we came up with a list:
💡 Inspire people to dream up their spaces.
🔨 Encourage people to pick up the proverbial hammer and get it started.
🗒 Empower people with the confidence of knowing what to expect.
🤎 Support people through the ups and downs of any project.
🏡 Remind people to enjoy the process and have fun with it.
✨ Wow people with a finished result that realizes their dreams for their space.

After the initial shock wore off a bit we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads. Could we create a book not only to inspire with beautiful design photography but also give practical advice on how to make it all happen? We thought about the book reader as one of our clients – so we started with the step-by-step process we use with our clients to guide them through a project.

It usually starts with finding the perfect fixer upper and developing a renovation budget. Then, we start organizing and planning the project, designing each space room by room, realizing the vision for the home, and bringing those dreams off of Pinterest and into reality.

Imagining the readers as our community brought this book to life. We wrote the book proposal as if we were speaking to all of you. Before long, the proposal was ready and our book found a home with our wonderful publisher, Union Square and Co.

Then, the writing began. Between working on projects and shooting content, we wrote our hearts out, spending late nights and early mornings on our manuscript. After two years of writing and designing, we’re ecstatic to see it finally available for pre-order!

There is so much more info to come, but for now, we’re enjoying this moment that’s been years in the making. The book won’t be out until June 4, 2024 but we hope you pre-order your copy of For the Love of Renovating today! We promise there will be exclusive content and a few other fun surprises for anyone who pre-orders!