How We Found The Perfect Kitchen Faucet

Our kitchen is one of our favorite spaces in our house. Although many people are moving toward traditional closed kitchens in a separate space to hide away any cooking mess, we are big fans of an open kitchen that allows for easy entertaining for the cooks! The center of our kitchen is a large island covered in a beautiful marbled quartz with a deep farm sink. The focal point of the island, and the absolute center of our kitchen, is a gorgeous show-stopping faucet.

Truth be told, we ordered several faucets before we settled on the one we ultimately chose. Our requirements were to have a pull down faucet with sprayer, in a matte brass tone (and the right tone), and something simple and elegant to fit into our kitchen design. The first few we ordered missed on one or more of those requirements. They were not the right finish, too clunky, or just not streamlined feel. We sent them all back!

We needed something that was modern, clean, and contemporary, but not too distracting since it was going to be the focal point of the room. We needed something that was a modern brushed gold or brass tone, but not something too shiny or too yellow toned. We needed something easy-to-use with great pull down technology and flexible retracting hose, not something clunky and difficult to manage. We needed something easy to take care of that cleaned up quickly and wouldn’t require extra maintenance. Finally, as you might know, we renovated our place on a tight budget and we needed a faucet that fit all of those requirements that didn’t break the bank.

So what faucet did we go with?

The Kraus Oletto Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet in Brass!

It’s the perfect balance of everything we were looking for. It has a modern and clean style, it’s the right matte tone of gold (although it comes in various finishes), it’s easy to clean, and it functions beautifully!

One of our favorite features of this faucet is the QuickDock mounting technology. This is a really cool feature that allows you to install the faucet entirely from above the counter, as opposed to having to crawl underneath and mess around with screws and nuts and bolts while lying uncomfortably on your back in a small dark space. This is perfect since plumbing projects are usually not DIY for us. We felt really confident with the process and installation took minutes with everything included in the box: water supply lines, optional deck plate (which we didn’t use), and all mounting hardware.

Kraus built this faucet to fit into a busy lifestyle like ours with technology behind delivering a great daily experience. The finish helps prevent water spots and fingerprints so we don’t need to polish it after every use. The pull down glides in and out smoothly with the nice touch of a braided nylon hose that is flexible to pivot around our large farm sink. It makes normal daily tasks easier by providing greater mobility but won’t droop overtime. The entire faucet has a solid feel that makes it really nice to work with.

After weeks of back and forth with other faucets we knew this one was the right on as soon as we opened the box and we had it installed minutes later!

If you’re completely renovating your kitchen, or if you just want to do a quick upgrade to your fixtures (it can go a long way!), this Oletto faucet from Kraus USA in a brushed brass is a great choice.