A Dreamy Reveal: Dream in Fort Greene is HERE!

Come with us to explore our latest completed project, Dream in Fort Greene! This 4-story home, nestled on a tree-lined street in landmark Fort Greene, truly blew us away with its ornate details and classic features. Our task: delicately combine the historic charm of this brownstone with sleek, modern design elements to create a space that captures the spirit of Brooklyn.

Dream in Fort Greene originally existed as three separate rental units. But with homeowners Will and Anna’s vision (and the arrival of their baby boy, Noah, during the renovation), we’ve transformed it into their family forever home. It’s been a journey of 18 months to bring back and restore the history of this place, while infusing Will and Anna’s style and vision.

The Parlor Floor

On the parlor floor, the visual experience is a feast. You have full sight through the entire floor, thanks to the big, open arches that offer a modern contrast. This floor is all about neutrals, abundant natural light, and reflections from a beautifully restored original mirror. 

We paired this gorgeous cream sofa from Castlery with the light wood in the Maiden Home dining room table, and pillows and rugs from Bente Vintage. The effect is calming and helps brighten the space. 

In the kitchen, we selected these simple but stunning open shelves from Shelfology, along with the most incredible chandelier from Blueprint Lighting. This room combines strong lines and organic shapes, creating an effect that is both architectural and natural– perfect for an English-inspired kitchen. 

The Primary Suite

In the primary suite, we’ve taken an approach that respects the old while inviting in the new. All the walls were brought down on this floor, but we brought back the original marble fireplaces to preserve the home’s history. A special touch in this space is Noah’s nursery, cleverly located off of the primary bathroom for easy access for the new parents.

Some of our favorite pieces on this floor are the unique bed frame from Design Within Reach and the roman shades from Mesken. Tiles also play a hero role in the primary suite and we’re obsessed with these handcrafted options from Zia Tile

The Third Floor

The third floor is where we unleashed our creativity in reconfiguration!  Bathed in calming blue and green tones, this floor houses additional bedrooms and Anna’s yoga room. The bold tilework in the bathrooms adds an element of surprise and artistic craft. We wanted each room to serve as a sanctuary, fostering peace and creativity. 

A practical feature of the Third Floor is the extra bedroom that will eventually become Noah’s room! When it comes to city living, it’s all about using space wisely, so until Noah’s ready for the big move upstairs, this bedroom will function as a guest room. We outfitted this room with an Isabella bed and Anton nightstands from West Elm.

Dream in Fort Greene has been a labor of love, a manifestation of countless hours of dedication and teamwork. This blend of historic charm and modern design truly is one for the books. We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful partners, collaborators, and craftspeople who breathed life into this project, especially Matthew Celmer, our architect, and Black Square Builders, our contracting team. And most importantly, to homeowners Will, Anna, and baby Noah—welcome home!

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