A Mid-Century Modern Makeover on a Budget.

After we spent months renovating our home the last thing we wanted to do was move back in all of our old furniture. We have some great vintage pieces that will go anywhere we do, but much of the rest had seen better days. It’s a great time to refresh and renew to fully realize the vision of the new space. Or maybe you’re not renovating at all but your domain just isn’t inspiring to be the space of your dreams. Furniture and decor is the final layer and can make or break a space.

We spent 8 long and rewarding months renovating our place. There were countless hours obsessing over tile, light fixtures, and other finishes. Throughout the process we needed to be very careful to find the right things while staying within a pretty limited budget. At the end of the renovation furniture was no exception. We love the mid-century modern aesthetic. Furniture with a minimal, streamlined, and sleek look. Tapered legs and geometric balance with organic influences. We aren’t alone and authentic pieces can be pricey, but we were tapped out on budget after pouring so much into the renovations. We decided we would mix in some new pieces to our current collection of vintage items.

One of our secret weapons that is an amazing resource for mid-century modern style is AllModern. It got us thinking, what if we could furnish and decorate an entire room in a mid-century modern style with a limited budget, and what better place to start than a living room.

We picked our favorite pieces from AllModern any (or all) of which we would gladly have in our living room. They all have the clean lines and minimalist look of classic mid-century modern furniture. Here are some of our picks!

These types of items make a great budget-friendly and stylish base to build on. From there we would add some unique items from thrift stores and vintage shops. Grab a stack of vintage books, a couple of plants for your mid century modern inspired planters, find an old painting for the walls to compliment your modern print, and choose a couple of inexpensive items from the 50s or 60s to accessorize that speak to you the most.

What you will produce is a look worthy of a Don Draper photo shoot at a fraction of the cost. It a classic look with a comfortable feel.

Do you have a mid-century modern look? We would love to see! Send us some inspiration!

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