A Cozy Valentine’s Day at Home: DIY Movie Night with Terrain

Valentine’s Day often comes with the pressure of grand gestures and elaborate plans. However, this year–our first and only Valentine’s Day as fiancés–we decided to strip back the layers of expectation and craft an evening that was uniquely ‘us.’

Here’s how you can recreate our cozy, DIY Valentine’s celebration at home, filled with love, nostalgia, and a touch of creativity:

Transform the Living Room

If you’re anything like us, your living room is more of a casual, everyday space. So we needed to completely reimagine this room to create a sense of coziness and intimacy.

First, we got to work rearranging the furniture–this is a quick, no-cost way to make your room feel completely different.

Next, we closed the shutters and hung a white sheet to serve as our makeshift movie screen – a simple, yet effective solution for a home cinema experience.

Finally, we elevated our ‘screen’ with some garlands from Terrain that gave it some old-school romantic vibes.

Pick the Perfect Film

Every couple has a movie that makes them think of the early days of their relationship. Instead of scrolling endlessly through Netflix or HBO the day of, go ahead and pick out something that has significance to you and your partner.

Our love story has a quirky chapter – bonding over the rom-com “Moonstruck”. Cher, if you’re reading this, we love you.

So, what better way to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day as fiancés than by revisiting the movie that started it all? It’s our little tradition.

Set the Mood

Now that you have the setup and the movie, all you need is the ambiance!

Think snacks, decorations, and special touches that make the space feel extra romantic and special.

For our V-day celebration, we ordered some yummy treats and cute decor from Terrain. Their range totally surprised us – not just outdoor decor, but perfect items to enhance our indoor setting.

We indulged in a Sugarfina Champagne Flight Candy Bento Box, a sweet and sophisticated treat that added a playful twist to our movie snacks.

To hold our treats, we snagged this Scalloped Glass Serving Stand. Its elegant design lending a touch of sophistication to our otherwise casual setup.

And of course, Valentine’s Day Chocolates were a must, because what’s a romantic evening without some classic sweets? Fun fact: Jordan has SUCH a sweet tooth.

Simple Yet Special

This Valentine’s Day was about simplicity and intimacy, celebrating our unique bond in a space filled with memories and love. It’s proof that sometimes, the best celebrations are the ones that bring us back to the essence of our connection.

So, here’s to a Happy Valentine’s Day at home – no fuss, just love. ♥️