Finding the Perfect Items on Ebay

It was important for us to set the right mood in our Speakeasy Werkroom. We needed great vintage items, unique pieces, and even some building materials. And with only a few weeks to complete the project we needed them fast! Sourcing all of the items could have taken a lot of time and money, both of which we didn’t have in great supply with such an ambitious project. Our secret weapon to get so many interesting items quickly, easily, and inexpensively was eBay.

In the past we have gotten many unique vintage items on eBay so we knew we would be able to find everything that we need. We found fireplace mantles, light fixtures, and even a pair of brownstone doors! 

 We have shown you the major components to our basement renovation but we thought we would walk through all of the touches that really make the space special. All sourced from individual stores on eBay! One of our favorite things about shopping on eBay is that many times we are able to shop with small businesses. We even shopped some stores here in Brooklyn from our couch in the evenings when we were spending our days working on the project. So we felt good about supporting local businesses and sellers here and afar. What is more fun than vintage shopping from home!? 

One of the most important things in the room is the long work table and chairs. We had a vision of a table with mismatched vintage chairs all around it. We needed several and so that was the first thing we searched for. In just a few minutes we had all of the chairs we needed in our cart! 

One of our favorites is this antique vintage industrial drafting stool from eBay seller Jims Odds and Ends. We love the metal piping and brass detail. And it’s adjustable. We have already had fun moving it around the room and using it in different areas. 

The great vintage industrial green office chair on the other side of the table is from eBay store Savings American History. It is a fun mix with different color and texture than the others. 

Another great find is the vintage office desk chair from eBay store Antique Goods. It’s got the perfect vibe for the room and we really like the character that it shows so that there is no mistaking that it is vintage! 

It was really fun to search for all of the unique accessories that created a vintage speakeasy feel. We needed a lot of stuff to fill the space and we needed it quick! We love the pieces that we easily found on eBay and we even saw many other items we still have saved that we’re going back for later, all have been added to our wishlist!

A fun antique stapler from Pickers Paradise By Yardin King, a vintage apothecary jar from Just a Guy Selling Stuff, and soda crate from 123ieasa complete the look of this open shelf on our apothecary style cabinetry.  

We wanted some items to have imperfections to bring some authenticity into the space. We found this Consumers Biscuit Manufacturing wood crate from eBay seller Cardboard Memories that is from 1909! It’s damaged but we didn’t shy away from it! 

How perfect is this vintage photo from the prohibition era roaring 20s of a group of girls drinking beer from eBay store Tribupedia Vintage Images!

When we saw this 1933 Brooklyn Eagle newspaper from Steve Goldman Historical Newspapers we HAD to have it! The article on the left is titled, SPEAKEASY’S ARE DOOMED…we beg to differ. 

We found some great decor items to complete our sitting area. Grounding out everything is a really nice jute rug from eBay store Vi5474. And the small side table from eBay store Styles of Lighting is the perfect size for this petit nook. 

Another trick for us is using ebay for hardware! Whether it’s for doors or cabinets – eBay has a mix of everything from vintage to new! We found some vintage solid brass cabinet pulls from Whispering Wind Clearance Center that are perfect for the cabinetry. 

We also are obsessed with the new door knobs for the two vintage swing doors from eBay store from Simpson Products. The knobs are white porcelain that really pop on the matte black doors. 

We have gotten a lot of vintage light fixtures on eBay over the years. We love old office lamps and vintage floor lamps. They are a great way to bring a mix of old items into a design. The tiny pull chain vintage wall sconce from Wineferb Collectibles right at the entrance is one of our favorites. 

Finally, we were in need of some building materials. We were surprised to easily and inexpensively find them on eBay as well.  The recessed lights are from the TorchStar eBay Store. 

Wait! Last but certainly not least, our RuPaul’s Drag Race inspired laundry room would not have been complete without this Hollywood vanity mirror from Appletree Oz. Proof that you really can get anything on eBay! 

We have been able to easily find unique vintage pieces, old house parts, items that were out-of-stock at stores, and even building materials on eBay. Shopping local small businesses near and far from the comfort of our couch, and often late at night since we worked long hours on this project. All of these items really made our Speakeasy Werkroom special.

Thank you ebay for #gifting our Werkroom items. Each item (whether vintage or new) adds to the overall vibe we were originally designing with. Each piece from ebay adds the perfect touch to our new speakeasy. We are so thankful!

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