Half Time: Project Update

We’re about half way through what we hope will be a six month renovation. This week we thought we would catch you up on where we are and the timeline on how we’re hopefully going to stay on track.

It feels great to be able to see how everything will come together. Two months ago there were so many walls and different types of flooring that it wasn’t hard to visualize. Demo is done, the place is cleaned up, and we are well into building. Almost all of the new studs are in place so now the space is pretty much in the shape of the finished product. The plumbing is about 90% in and just about ready for inspection.

On the parlor level the floor plan is opened up and everything is in place. There is still a big scar where the previous owners built a kitchen, but it is ready for sheetrock and a plaster job by our friend Jason at Urban Plaster. Just beyond that our kitchen is coming together. All of the plumbing is in for the island sink and dishwasher, and the gas is in place to the stove. You can also see the plumbing for the master bathroom upstairs but more on that later. We’re waiting for a steel bracket to come in to put up the beam in the ceiling so that the temporary support wall can be removed, but that should happen this week. Regardless of that, now that about 4 walls are down in this area we can really see how open it will be and how much light we’re going to have with the 3 big windows. Over the next couple of months one of these windows will become a glass door leading to a new deck. We plan on starting that process in April and would like to have the deck in by the end of May.

At the top of the stairs on the second level you can immediately see the new plan. We moved the roof hatch door from the top landing so we can create a feature bookshelf there since it’s of the first things that can be seen when you walk in the front door. The hall door to the bathroom that will be the master bath is framed and ready to close up, and there’s is a new door opening to the middle bedroom.

In the master bedroom the walls are framed, closets are in, and the door to the master bathroom is opened up. There is a bump out from the old fireplace chimney that we are extending to be symmetrical in the room and to create a backdrop for the bed. The master bathroom next door has all of its plumbing in place! One if the features we’re most excited about is taking shape! Our beautiful huge double shower is going in with the valves and waterproofing in place! We’re looking forward to having a nice big window to being in lots of light with a leafy view to the backyard.

In the middle bedroom, what was an awkwardly huge closet is now split into two with half going to the room next door. The ceiling is completely gone waiting for the skylight work we need to do to meet air and light requirements since this room doesn’t have a window (although it will be one of the brightest rooms in the house with the amount of skylight area it will have!)

In the front bedroom, the new closet is framed, but otherwise there’s not much work to be done here. Next door one of our proudest accomplishments is taking shape! We are building in a new bathroom where there was just a small bedroom. All of the plumbing is in and it’s ready for fixtures!

Over the next two weeks we expect things to move very quickly. The beam in the kitchen will go up, plumbing will be inspected, and we will start on the electrical. Soon after that we will start closing up walls and putting in flooring! In early April the steel fabricator will come out to measure for the deck. We have high hopes to get the majority of the work done by the end of June.

What you can‘t see now but represents many hours of work is also mostly compete. It’s one of the things that often delays this type of project. All of our finishes have been chosen and most have been ordered. Kitchen cabinets, appliances, bathroom fixtures, faucets, tile, flooring, light fixtures, doors, light switches, and even furniture are chosen and queued up to be installed! We’re excited for you to see it all!

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