How We Chose The Perfect Mattress

** Thanks to the Allswell team for the free mattress. All opinions are our own:

A new mattress was almost as important for us as picking out new appliances. Maybe more! We spend a lot of time in bed. Whether it’s sleeping, blogging or just scrolling through Instagram, you want something comfortable when you want to unwind from your busy day.

We both were full size mattress people prior to our renovation. It’s quite comical now thinking of two grown guys and one 86 lbs lab sharing a full size bed but we made it work for several years. When we bought our place we made a pact that we were upgrading to a queen mattress. A life changing moment, even though to many people a king bed would be standard. This is NYC!

Given living in NYC, room size is always a challenge. Our new master bedroom was the largest room we both ever had. Our room measures roughly 13 x 14. No palace by any standards but for us it’s the perfect size. When planning our bedroom we knew a queen size bed would be the way to go. Now we just had the obstacle of finding the right mattress. You might have noticed there are a lot of options out there now!

Barry always had a Nest mattress and Jordan always had a Casper. We both liked different things about our past mattresses. Jordan loved how hard the Casper was and Barry loved how pillow-like his Nest was but we both knew we didn’t want those mattresses for our new bed.

We spent months shopping, reading reviews, and talking to friends about potential mattresses. The one mattress that kept high on our list was Allswell. It came up over and over again as a very comfortable and very affordable option but ultimately these are the 5 reasons we went with the ,Allswell Luxe Hybrid:

  1. Firm (enough)– We personally think Jordan’s old Casper mattress was too firm. Barry was waking up with some back pain on his Nest mattress and we realized it might have been too soft. Our Luxe mattress is the perfect blend soft and firm. It’s even labeled as a “just right” mattress. After sleeping on it for several months, the firmness is holding up really really well. It’s actually still in a “like-new” condition. We are beyond happy getting into bed every-night and we’re both sleeping so well.
  2. Price– Compared to other mattresses we were looking at, Allswell comes in at a steal. The mattress starts at $645 and shipped directly to your door. It was so much fun unboxing the mattress and seeing it unfold right in front of our eyes!
  3. Signature Quilting with cooling features– might be TMI but we both run hot! With the Plushly quilted top panel with cooling SwirlFoam the mattress runs cool and allows us to sleep comfortably and not wake up in the middle of the night sweaty.
  4. Accessories– Allswell has a great line and product aside from mattresses. We upgraded our mattress with the most comfortable percale sheets, matching duvet cover, and an ,Organic Kantha blanket. Everything was so reasonably priced and the quality is better than we were expecting! For us this is really important for a good night’s sleep.
  5. Customer Service– We have had difficulty with other brands (we’re not mentioning names) answering some of the questions we had in the process of shopping for our mattress. Team Allswell answered all of our questions in the process (ex, shipping, mattress choices, what if we don’t like, etc.) and even helped us decide what mattress to select!

Whether you’re in the market for a NEW mattress or you’re just wanting to upgrade your current mattress, we highly recommend ,Allswell. Give it a try! Allswell has a 10 year limited warranty, 100 day trial and free ground shipping over $35! This is the perfect time to consider upgrading your mattress. We all need good sleep right now.

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