How We Easily Ordered our Windows Online with

This post below is in collaboration as a #pellapartner

We lived with our old, drafty, malfunctioning windows for 3 years. Some didn’t close, some didn’t open, and all of them looked horrible. It’s a project we have put off for years, but we recently decided we could wait no longer! Now that our new Pella windows are installed we can’t believe we waited so long! And you know what, it was quick and easy! Ready to replace yours? We’re going to walk you through how to order, what you’ll need, and how to get them installed.

We decided to install Pella windows. We’re very familiar with their products and have installed them in many of our projects. They are beautiful, efficient, and durable. We walked through the process to order them directly on their website and we were shocked how fast and easy it was. It’s definitely the quickest way to get windows onsite and ready to install that we have seen.

What made us decide it was time? You can order most of Pella’s windows directly through their website! All we needed to do was measure our window openings, and then walk through to configure the order online. Even if you have never ordered windows before you can do it! All of the options are thoroughly explained.

So here is how we ordered:

First you’ll choose what type of windows you’re ordering. We are fans of aluminum clad wood windows because you get the beauty of wood on the interior and the durability of aluminum on the exterior. We went with the Lifestyle double-hung series.



The first thing that you will do is fill in your window measurements. You’ll need the height, width, and the jamb depth. The jamb depth comes in 3 standard sizes. We choose the 4-9/16” option.

Pella lets you choose between different insulated glass options that suit the climate where you live. Advanced Low-E might be the most common, but you can choose AdvancedComfort Low-E for northern climates, SunDefense Low-E for warm climates, or Natural Sun Low-E for cold clients.

Now it starts getting fun! The next option you can choose is your finish. We went with a black exterior and a black stained interior. We really like the look of black stained wood. There are many beautiful colors and wood tones you can choose from.

You can also choose to have grilles in the window. We like the character it adds so we choose the cross grill pattern. It really makes the windows look even more beautiful.


Then you choose your hardware and screen options. We went with black to match the finish of our windows.

The last thing you choose is important. You need to select if these are new construction or replacement windows. Let’s talk about the difference.

Replacement windows are made to replace old windows in an existing home. They are designed to be installed in the existing window frame from the inside of the home. This is a less invasive installation because the existing window frame, interior trim, and exterior elements can remain. The existing window opening is measured and the replacement window is installed in the existing frame.

New construction windows are made for newly built homes or for homes where the window frame is being replaced. This is a more invasive project and would usually be in a full gut project if it’s an existing home.

If you’re just replacing your windows then you’ll likely want to get replacement windows.

That’s it! It is as simple as that to order your windows. Only a few weeks later our windows arrived and we were ready to install.

We love doing DIY projects, but we did have some help for our window install. It is definitely a project you can tackle yourself if you are replacing a window or 2, but if you are replacing all of your windows yourself you might want some help! Depending on how big your project is you might even want to leave the ordering up to the professionals to make the project stress-free or you might just need help along the way. The representatives online can answer basic questions or at any point you can decide to work with a local sales representative, just schedule a free in-home consultation and they will take it from there!  So it’s nice to know that you have back-up when needed.

After living with old ugly windows for so long we cannot stop looking at our new windows. They have completely transformed our home on the interior and exterior! We thought that it was going to be a difficult process, but ordering them at was quick and easy. Now we just need to sit back and enjoy!