Our Halloween Treat- Final Inspections!

Now that all of the major work is done in our place we are having all of our final inspections done. It’s an interesting place to be in the process because in addition to building our place to be our home we have spent a lot of time building to match the approved plans so that we can pass inspections. It’s been a big part of pretty much every detail.

Our architect warned us months ago that just because a plan examiner approved our plans it doesn’t mean that the field inspector will approve. It’s a scary thing to think about as you go through a multi hundreds of thousands of dollars renovation. But it’s just one of those things you deal with while renovating in NYC. Expect the unexpected. Which may not be that unexpected at all if you were warned like we were from our architect.

So here we are. We just found out that even though the plan examiner approved our plumbing plans one way, the field inspector wants it filed another way. It’s not that anything is wrong with it. It was built the right way and is perfectly safe. It’s just a difference in the filing. The unfortunate thing, that anyone renovating in NYC would probably understand, is that there is a cost.

After the first half of the renovation the final inspection is most likely what will create the biggest surprises. It’s frustrating, but if you expect some curveballs, and put a bit of money aside for them, it can be just part of the process.

We’re hoping this the is last hurdle for us! Other than that we have been crossing off little projects and setting up the space. Lots of updates to come on organization, design, and decorating!

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