Our New Kitchen Obsession- The Kraus Workstation Sink

Any design element that makes a kitchen more functional and aesthetically pleasing has our seal of approval! Our latest obsession is the Workstation sink from Kraus. We’ve spent a lot more time in the kitchen the past year, trying new recipes and preparing almost all of our meals. So we are more aware than ever of what can make it all go a lot smoother. When we were in the design process for #breakandreno, we knew this was the perfect sink for the space. 

The culinary phrase “mise en place”, comes to mind. It’s the concept of keeping the area where you are working neat, tidy, and efficient. Prepping, cleaning, and organizing so that the process of cooking a meal is smoother and more enjoyable. You can imagine how important this is for professional chefs as they prepare to cook for possibly hundreds of people, but we can adopt this concept in the home as well. 

The Workstation sink from Kraus has an integrated ledge that’s designed to serve as a platform for accessories to slide across the sink. You can prep and clean up without sacrificing any workspace on the kitchen counter. The cutting board and drying rack keep the mess off the countertops, and water and liquids simply run right into the sink. As a result, prepping and cleaning up is easier, your workspace stays cleaner, and you can enjoy cooking even more. 

Here at our latest renovation project, #breakandreno, the kitchen is a contrast of dark smoked oak cabinetry, natural industrial concrete countertops, and a bright pop of an organic feeling spruce green backsplash. The granite finish is a perfect medium to compliment the other bold choices in the space. This kitchen needed a sink that is unique, dramatic, and highly functional. The granite workstation sink really checked every box for us. 

Many professional kitchen products like faucets, ranges, ventilations hoods, etc are not only highly functional but also add to your kitchen’s aesthetics. The pro look correlates the high-end functionality of these items directly to beauty of the design. The workstation sink is no exception. The seamless integration of functional accessories will add a touch of professional design to any kitchen.

A lot of kitchen trends come and go, but we think our latest obsession, the Workstation sink from Kraus, is the future of food prep and kitchen design.