Spacekit- An Easy & Fun Way To Decorate Any Space

Spacekit has transformed our dull, dark hallway with a bright pop of color!

A big battle in our home is color. Barry loves the grey’s while Jordan likes it bright & colorful! Our hallway leading to the coat nook has always been a dull, dead, and dark space. No more! (Jordan won ) .

We just installed customizable wall decor from SpaceKit and it’s giving so much life to this space. Space kit couldn’t be easier: shop & design, unpack & install, and snap art panels into place! It was a fun project to design and install it. We’re also already looking forward to changing up the pattern when we’re ready for something new. But right now we’re liking the pops of color it’s bringing to this formally big white wall.

The installation process doesn’t damage any walls so if we wanted to move it to another room we could with no sign of where it was left. The unique connecting system comes with leveled adhesive clips that just stick in place and the panels pop in. You pick a place to start and build out from there. It can be as big or small as you like by adding or removing tiles. It literally took us under 15 minutes!

Here’s a video of the entire process from Spacekit! It couldn’t have been easier: shopped and designed online, unpack & install, and have fun putting the piece together!

There are several options for patterns and colors and you can put together the design yourself on their online tool. We highly recommend giving it a try on their website: #spacekit #spacekitdecor

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