The City Dweller’s Guide to Decorating: DIY Holiday Windows

There’s nothing like walking around Brooklyn in December and seeing all the beautiful holiday decorations. Fresh greenery, candles in windows, and glowing vintage reindeer greet us on every evening stroll with Zuko. It’s definitely our favorite time of the year!

Whether you live in an apartment, a condo, or a brownstone, you don’t need a stoop or a porch to get festive–use your windows. Here are our 3 favorite ways to “spruce” up your windows:

Electric Candle Upgrade:

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you’ve definitely seen those white candlesticks with the glass bulbs on top. Totally classic.

Our hack? Swap the old fashioned, electric candlesticks for battery-powered pillar candles. We love these from Amazon because they look realistic and have a timer setting. Set it and forget it.

Your windows will be totally aglow without any fire hazards or messy cords. Add some faux or live greenery for a cozy, hygge look.

Classic Paper Snowflakes:

Remember making these in grade school?

Invite your friends over, open a bottle of spiced wine, and indulge in a fun and simple craft night.

Once you’ve cut out your shapes, use glitter glue or holographic stickers to add shimmer and shine.

We’ve found that a Command towel bar is the best way to hang our snowflakes from the top of the window frame. It’s easy to install and remove at the end of the season.

Just attach clear fishing line and hang your snowflakes at varying heights. The effect is totally charming.

Window Wreath + Vintage Lights

We always hang wreaths and lights, but when we lived in an apartment building, it felt like no one saw our decorations!

Now, we use this easy hack to hang decorations in the window–just grab your favorite wreath, TruTone Lights, and these clear suction cup hooks. We always use TruTone because they’re LED but look like vintage, incandescent bulbs (minus all the fire hazard and worry!).

Apply your hooks with a little bit of water and place them in the top corners of your window for the lights and in the upper center for the wreath, and adjust accordingly!
We recommend buying a wreath that’s beautiful from the front and the back so that you’re always seeing the pretty side.

Happy decorating!