Walking On New Ground

There has been a couple of things that have been a long timing coming but are things that we’ve been very much anticipating. Even though they are relatively small developments they are a big step (pun intended) forward to completing the project. And we just plain feel good about them getting done. 

Refinishing Stairs

If you’ve read some of our other posts you probably know that we have been busy restoring the the original bannister and newel post. It all looks amazing, but this entire time there has been ugly old carpet layered on top of linoleum or some kind of vinyl on the stairs and risers. It has been something we looked at and sighed almost everyday. Well the carpet, vinyl, linoleum, and the glue that held is all together is now off! 

The stairs are original so they definitely don’t look new, but we’re happy with the shape they are in. Sure, they have holes were other surfaces have been installed, scars, a couple of gauges, and a charming squeak with every step that will definitely wake us up in the morning as we stumble downstairs for coffee. They’ve seen a lot over their 130 year old lives! We’re going to extend it a little more and strip, sand, and refinish them. We’ll take the squeaks and scars as a bit of character. 

Deck Surface 

So maybe this one isn’t such a small development. You probably know that one of the things we (as we’re sure anyone else would be) are most excited about is our new deck! Well this week we can walk on it for the first time! The steel has been steadily going in over the past few weeks (with a minor set back to fix a footing) and now the deck surface and stairs are in! We need railings and a bit of finishing and we are 100% done with it! 

We did something a little different for our deck surface. It’s common to pour cement and then lay tile on top. It’s not a bad solution because it gives you an outdoor room kind of feel. But our renovation is being done on a tight budget and tiling adds a chunk of money on top of what is already a big expense. We decided to pour the concrete all the way to the top and have a concrete surface at no additional cost. We plan on painting it with a concrete paint that will give it a clean and smooth (ish) finish. 

These are small developments but big steps for us. They are still a work in progress so we’ll keep you updated.

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