Wood Stripping with Athena Calderone

Did you hear the news? 

Last week Athena Calderone shared a sneak peek of her historic Tribeca apartment. Her special guests? Us!

Barry, Jordan, and Athena

A few months back, Athena DM’d us to ask some questions about wood stripping. As longtime Eyeswoon fans, we were totally excited to hear from her and honored that she reached out. When she asked us to come take a look at the original paneling in her apartment, you KNOW we gathered our supplies, jumped in our car, and headed straight into Manhattan!

Y’all, Athena’s apartment is absolutely stunning. Most of its original features, including the White Oak paneling, date back to the 1930s. Right now, the varnish is cracking in places and over time, red undertones have overtaken the original shade of the panels. 

We plan to carefully strip the panels and then restore them back to their 1930s look. 

This is such an exciting preservation project. We love that Athena is keeping these panels in the apartment. They add a huge amount of character to the space. 

Well, the courtship began on the call, but when Jordan and Barry walked in with their refinisher, I was in a full-blown love affair. Within five minutes, Marco and Lorenzo on their team brought the wood back to its STUNNING white oak glory.

Athena Calderone

Athena, Barry, and Victor inspecting the test area.

Fun fact: in historic homes like this, you’ll often see different shades and styles of hardwood contrasted against each other. The original details in this room are incredible–we’re obsessed with the chevron floor.

If you’re curious about wood stripping and what products we use, be sure to check out our post about stripping techniques and essentials.

And don’t worry–we’re documenting the whole process from start to finish and bringing you along for the ride. Stay tuned!